Sunday Blogging

Still in my jammies and haven't really took a shower, I was browsing through my Facebook page (which I believe most of the 21st century people do) when I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to read this blog I found on twitter.

Lifestyle Bloggers are Useless. It intrigued since I was starting to consider myself as a lifestyle blogger. So I read on...

As I was reading the post, I was glad that I wasn't guilty of all the things she just described (Yaaay! So I guess, I'm doing this thing right). I learned that to be great blogger, you have to be informative and consider that your readers are not as dumb as you think they are. After reading that particular posts, I navigated through her blog and stumbled on another interesting post.

31 Blog Post Ideas to Get You Writing. I was itching on getting my blog and the roll but all I could think of are posting all my photos which I consider as "photography" (I'm no pro to everything photography but I try my best to good at it). I read all her suggestions and happily realized that I've already been planning a few of the things she suggested way before I've even read her post. So now, that I've garnered some ideas, I'm itching to start on them already.

I kinda stalked her blog since I went to jump on the last page, and I found out that like any other blogs and like my blog, it didn't start out as wonderful as it is right now. I mean, having a blog is a constant improving process and I learned that now. I have been improving my blog since the time I started blogger and quite honestly, it frustrates me every time I want to improve my blog (because it usually takes a while). Another is that, I so badly want to get my own domain name, but it costs much and as a 4th year accountancy student, juggling studying, project-making, photography, blogging and everything in between, having a personalized domain name is in the list of my least priorities. So going to have my own domain name, may take a long long while.

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Road Side

I have always wanted to shoot on the road or along the road or just anywhere where the road lies. But this is quite unpolished and vividly unplanned so as a result, my "models" were caught unprepared outfit-wise. Well except for Roselyn :)

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10 Travelling Must-Haves

Let me begin this post by narrating how I got the idea to make this post.
This post was inspired by three things. First was my latest trip around Southern Cebu which was quite unexpected so as a result, I didn't have much time to prepare and bring all the things I needed and wanted to bring. Now, to avoid the same catastrophe, I felt the need to share some travelling tips which I garnered from the internet and from interviewing people who travels a lot. The second thing is that I got so inspired by this friend of mine. She keeps on travelling and going to different places and that really made want to do the same. Lastly, Paper Towns. I mean, Margo's adventures are like my life goals.
Just a note, I'm no pro and I don't say this is all correct. The other purpose of the comment box is for you to correct me :)

1.  A light bag - Choose a bag that's light even without stuffing your things inside yet. I mean, if your bag already weighs a kilo before you even place all your things inside, I don't think you need the unnecessary extra weight, right?

2. Light clothes and a face towel- Wear and bring clothes that doesn't extract all the fluids in your body. I mean, you don't want to increase the humidity you'll be feeling by wearing clothes that are intended for winter.

3. Comfy shoes - I swear, you don't want to go hiking or trekking or adventure-ing in general, in shoes that are inappropriate for adventure. Trust me. I know how it's going to be for the rest of the trip.

4. Food and Water - Like really, this is too basic to even be explained.

5. Lotsa Moneeeeh - That's why it's always good to save. You don't want to travel with empty pockets, don't you? What if you get lost or you're hungry or there are some things you just have to buy. Don't bring ENOUGH money. You'll never know, along the way, you might want to need to buy something important.

6. An Adventure Buddy - Well, for some, they prefer to be travelling alone, and I would love to try that one day. But right now, I think it'd be fun to have someone to be with while enjoying the country or the nature.

7. Camera - It's inevitable. In our world today, we find sharing our experiences to other people liberating and quite frankly, as for me, it lessens my stress. Photography relieves my stress.

8. Your mobile phone - It's just a necessity. I believe it's a common knowledge.

9. Camping tools - Well, I'm planning to go on a camping trip soon. So camping tools will really come in handy. Match sticks/lighter, knife, tent - anything camping ready.

10. Survival Skills/Common Sense/Instincts - Need I say more.

Okay, believe me. I'm no travel/adventure guru. Well, I want to be. But school demands more time and I couldn't risk that. But I believe I can share enough through asking and using my little interpersonal skills.

I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on this, so I'm going to publish this anyway :) It's quite undone but that's what the Edit button's for, right :)

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My Fascination with Dreamcatchers

This is kind of a repeat post since I already posted this one last year, but eventually deleted it since I am attempting to fully reconstruct my blog.
So I found these photos and remembered how I really love collecting dream catchers.

I believe dream catchers made their debut during the height of the Twilight Saga. If you haven't seen the movie, well, you should so as to get what I mean :))

Forgive the editing, tho. I was a big fan of low contrasted photos but apparently, I took the low contrast waaaaay too far.

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Un-adventure Ready

Top - Sunny Side-Up | Shorts - The Closet Collection | "Cebu" Cap - Islands Souveniers

Yes, I do realize that my navy-themed crop top and black high waist shorts is totally out of place in this kind of trip. My excuse would be it's a trip on short notice and I didn't have much time to scout some adventure-appropriate outfit.

Now, this trip gave me an idea for my next blog post which is gonna be travelling tips 101 :)

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