Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another White Post

I usually do my own make-up when I go out. So as you can see, I'm still in the process of learning...
Wanted to achieve that blogger post I've seen in one of the magazines I bought, obviously, I didn't nail it. Boo me now. I can take it. This is quite embarrassing really, my friend took this shot in a dining hall. *face palm* But whatever, I have no other better outfit photo than this one and the one before this. I just have to deal with it.

PJ's Birthday Celebration

Having no proper breakfast (which is totally a no no for me), I unintentionally starved myself for one of my best buddies birthday celebration. We had lunch at Kuya J's Restaurant.
I actually like their interior. It has a relaxing feels.
We ordered Pork Ribs.
Creamy Seafood and Corn Soup and Crispy Pata which I failed to photograph because I was too busy eating. (Sorry for the mess #sorrynotsorry)
A group photo is always a must whenever we go out. That's a typical teenage stuff.
I am not a writing a review about the restaurant so as not to cause any unwanted issues.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I really wanted to take blog-worthy pictures but my "photographer" in the name of Trisha Mae Nunez wasn't with me today, so I had to settle for my best bud, Pj. These photos aren't so bad actually, I just didn't particularly like them.

Trick or Treat

No, it's not yet Halloween. Why the title? Read the entire post and discover it for yourself.

My original plan for the day was to do our interview for our auditing theory project then go home do my assignments then do a little blogging for the Vienna Kaffeehaus. But then my friend texted me if I would be available by 12 noon. I wasn't available because our entire interview, including all the light talks, lasted for 2 hours and we arrived at the restaurant by 10:30. And so she decided, it would be best to postpone it during my birthday treat for them. So my original plan seemed to be going as planned.

Vienna Kaffeehaus Banilad Branch
Haven't really photographed the interior because I was pre-occupied for the interview.
After the interesting interview with the pretty Ms. Melissa Basubas, the owner of the said restaurant, sir Joey treat us for lunch.
I had the pork tenderloin (as seen below). It was very delicious. I can't thoroughly describe it but for me, the pork was superb.

So after all the dilly-dolly with everyone, I was about to go home and do things as planned, but then Sir Cedric invited us to join him and see the movie "The Gifted". I, honestly, was quite hesitant, but I threw all my worries away and decided to join him along with my two best buddies. And, boy, for a second, I did not regret everything I did for the entire day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fire Ifrits Shirt

Wearing our clan shirt might not be worth blogging but I have taken a bunch of solo photos during the entire sportsfest so might as well put it to use.
That shirt is actually too large for me. Kinda picked the wrong size so I ended up with that.
Okay like seriously, this is all the fad about. A WHITE WALL for a photo background. Such cliche in one photo. I'm not feeling that photo just because I don't particularly like what I'm wearing sooo... *shrugs*