Sunday, August 31, 2014


Weekends are my blogging days, so when I get an opportunity to go out dress up I don't let anyone rob me with the said opportunity. I am a sucker for all things fashion and journalism. I like to speak my mind a lot. Whether it's some dramatic event in my life or just random whatnots.
Okay, I have totally deviated from what is supposed to be a post about what I wore during the HMS Goes Wild event. Here's my look yesterday.
The hat is just a fancy prop for this photo.
Plain White Polo -Thrift Shop | Tattered Shorts - July | Floral Shoes - Keds (Haven't washed that for months)

Most of the time I don't dress so fancy because my wardrobe has this illness called "not enough clothes to wear". There are actually days when my mood shifts just because I can't find anything good to wear. I am that pathetic. That's why I'm planning to sell some of my pre-loved clothes. Well, anyway.


HMS Goes Wild

Before it all went down to this...
Last Friday, the president of the HM Society, who is also my friend, asked me to go photograph their entire event. It was totally on short notice, nonetheless, I accepted the challenge/invitation/opportunity. I was lucky enough to witness the other side of the Josenian community. Although, I wouldn't exchange JPIA for anything in the world (dramatically speaking), HMS is one organization you surely wouldn't regret to be a part of.

They all had their winners...

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Definitely had the most exhausting day of my life. I slept at 3AM and then woke up by 6AM for our mid-departmental exams for Law 1 and Tax 1 and then after all the brain-bursting exams, I got invited to join Sir Cedric's birthday celebration and which we ended up in...
Yes, Fujinoya. Just recently opened this August, Fujinoya is worth the travel. I'm not really good at addresses, so I can't tell you exactly where it is. All I know is that it's across JY Square (and I think, it's in Lahug, Cebu, if I am not mistaken.
Great Ambiance and absolutely conducive for doing reports, assignment and group studying.
Decadent and scrumptious cakes for the picky taste buds. 
My absolutely fave is this strawberry cheesecake. So light and moist and you can definitely taste legit strawberries, not the artificial ones.
That bread doesn't really look like that. They were too excited to taste it that they forget that we have to take a picture of it first.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not My Weekend

I know it's a Saturday. Normal teenagers, all be like, "Let's Party! Wooo!" and having all the fun stuffs in the world. Included in the herd of those teenagers is my brother.
Wearing a blue aztec top from Forever 21 paired with black shorts, black shoes and black socks, my brother has the coachella feels at its finest.  Just so you know, he made that dreamcatcher. So much artistry.

Then there are these Accountancy Teenagers, and they're all be like, "Must. Study. Article bla bla bla and Taxation rules and rates" and having all the stressful stuffs in the world. And then there's me, woke up at 10 am, studied for a few hours and then slept again at 2 pm. Upon waking up by 6 pm, I regretted dozing off. Now, here I am, telling you all these stuff instead of engrossing and delving in the world of Law and Taxation. I am absolutely punishable by now (but I hope, I won't be).
Instead of actually reading these books, I am actually taking photos of it. And I am actually using too many "actually" in this post that I just pray that I won't "actually" fail tomorrow's exam. But for the record, I did study as mentioned above - "STUDIED FOR A FEW HOURS". Few meaning, 1-3 hours :( I know, it's not a lot of time. But what the heck, I am studying all these tonight and not even my mom can tell me to sleep early. Coffee in. Eyes wide open. Notes out.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dreamcatchers Bonanza

It started out with this...
My brother actually made that one. He's the artistic one in the family with lots of wonderful artistic ideas but I take credit in creating more beautiful photos than him, so that's kinda my edge. Kidding. I've been practicing and learning for so long though.
And then followed by these
And ended up taking a bunch of self-"timered" photos.

I'm actually wearing the top that I wore during our Acquaintance Paty (see A Fiasco) So sad to see it all messed up with paint and color powder. But I'm wearing it anyway, it's making me appear a little artsy in a way. 

Now here's the regret part. I should be studying for our 5-topic pre-test in Law but no, I decided to goof off and do all these stuffs for my pleasure. I know, It was just right for me to fail in the first place. I have not been taking too much time focusing on my studies lately. Apparently, I am addicted to blogging and posting and doing all these art stuff. My colleagues are probably draining themselves by now, while I'm just here, giving all my energy to this (which what I actually love).

Must do my studying tonight.