Friday, February 13, 2015


Although, I have the availability of resources to continuously post something to keep this blog active. I do not have the the luxury of time. Second semester is ending and finals week is just around the corner. Finals week for me equates to tons of school works. I'm studying for a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy, and it doesn't really requires too much of an art that I am into. Academically, we don't deal with photography and fashion either.
I should try to balance my studying and hobby. Studying for my future and hobby for my sanity. I just can't dwell too much on business problems. I'd grow a wrinkle every second. Yes, I'm nineteen and I start to worry on wrinkles.
So tomorrow is a weekend and I'm hoping for a very productive weekend ahead.

Keep posted.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sinulog Party Guide for Non-Alcohol Drinkers

Why I am not much of an alcohol drinker? Beers, distilled spirits and the like are distasteful for me. I don't like its after-taste of bitterness in my mouth. They smell really bad and I don't like getting wasted. Drunk words are sober thoughts, and I don't want to offend anyone just because I got drunk.

Now back to what this post is really all about. As an avid part-goer during the Sinulog weekend, I have dedicated a small portion of my time to share my knowledge on what to bring or (on how to behave) during the said event. I have my own share of experiences that is why I maaaaaay be credible enough to give you a guide. I'm also quite frugal so my tips may be practical for you.

Things to bring:
1. A small bag
It's quite unnecessary to bring a bag when you're partying and jumping and thumping but where else can you put your water and snacks, right? I mean, you just have to make sure that your bag is light enough for you to go scrambling around the metro (or Mango Ave, for this matter).

2. Water
Here's a frugal tip, just use "used" water bottles. I mean, would you really like to spend 20 bucks for a small amount of water? In this photo, I used our gatorade bottle because my mom doesn't stock plastic water bottles. She says it just consumes a lot of space in the fridge, and they're not good to use if stocked for long.

3. Snacks
Okay, junk foods are not good, BUT I can't find another snacks around the house. This is just for the sake of getting this post done. Now back to business, I suggest you bring biscuits, cookies or other pastries. They are much much healthier. Also, don't forget to eat your dinner. Why dinner? Base on my experience, I usually go out on a Sunday afternoon and that would be until 12MN or 1AM, so by then I would have eaten my dinner already.

4. Enough Money
(not my actual money)
Of course, who would ever go out without money?

5. Cellphone
I mean, really, do I still have to state this one? Everybody brings their phones EVERY. FREAKIN'. SINGLE. DAY!

What to wear:
This is just my suggested ootd for the event. It's a common thought that you just have to wear white to party during Sinulog. The paint wars. The beer bath. The squirming crowd. You just have to wear something light and comfy. White shirts are highly suggested by most party-goers because whites doesn't really make you sweat a lot. Added tip: Last year, I saw one of my teacher's facebook post ranting how girls are wearing clothes that almost reveal everything they have to hide. So I also suggest tops that doesn't show off your brassieres. For your bottoms, wear comfy denims. Girls, not too short. I mean, no judging, but they don't really look good. Those just make you look like a freakin' stripper. You also don't want to let people see your undies, do you?

So how did I do? :)
I hope I have given you great tips for a great party night out during the Sinulog Weekend.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

And Salute!

When it comes to what I should wear, I'm always very indecisive. It's like at night when I'm preparing for tomorrow's ootd, the next day, I will have a last minute change of mind, causing me to delay all the planned to-do's. So much for that.
Yesterday, I decided to start working on the photo/video contest that my aunt and uncle invited me to join. I wasn't quite happy with the shots I got so, I worked on the other stuffs which is this - blogging! :)

Camouflage-Printed Shirt paired with blue jeans perfect for a go-to school wardrobe and day-out look.
End the look with a black denim flats.
Brought a red Jansport that was customized (by my brother)
Shirt - Human | Blue Jeans - Jag | Repeated Denim flats

Keep posted for my Sinulog pictures :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seeing Seas

I wasn't quite sure on how I can get in touch with my artistic side until I found my passion in photography. Being away from the city for a few days was a perfect way to be back on track. The theme for today's photo post is nautical. This is to recognize the fact that my boyfriend is going to be leaving soon. You know, it's quite funny how I have always told myself in the past (way before my boyfriend and I met) that I would never fall in love to a seaman. But here I am, swallowing my words. Anyways, here are the photos I have gathered and want to share.


I'm currently joining a Sinulog Photo Contest. Fingers crossed for winning. I will be posting my pictures once I have them and if I'm allowed.

Keep Posted.

2015 and Still Basic

First post for 2015.
So I am overwhelmed by the fact that despite me missing out on a lot of things to post, I still gain a couple page views every now and then. So thank you all so much for sparing some time to visit my blog.
Now, I'm going to kickstart my first 2015 post with a basic top and old worn out denims.
Basic White Top - H&M | Old Denims (reworn, cause I ain't some freakin' celebrity. Not just yet) | Blue and White Striped Knitted Sweater (my fave knits)

Over the holidays, it has always been a tradition in the family to go back to my parents' hometown and mingle with our other relatives who we don't usually see in Cebu. It's been 4 years since we first started that tradition and ever since then we just have to go and follow. Despite my contradiction to the idea, simply because I want to spend my holidays in Cebu again, it was wonderful to see my family (and by family, I mean, everyone, including grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins) happy just in the company with each other.

So, now to my blog plans. I know I haven't been much on the internet lately. Accountancy students don't really have the luxury of time to do what they want to do. However, because I'm beginning to become a little stubborn, I will have to exert just a little bit more time for this :)

Hope you continue to support me and my blogging by visiting and I wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers to one more year of priceless memories! :)