Saturday, October 25, 2014

On White Knits

I love knitted tops. There's no winter here in the Philippines, but knitted tops are just damn cozy on the rainy season. But whose to say that knits are only for wints (winter, making my own lingo here) and/or rains. There are knitted tops that you can wear especially when you're out with your friends in the beach or pool.
Faux Chanel White Knitted Top + Blue Summer Bikini (under) + Blue Denim Shorts + Overworn Pear Earrings
 Then to go with the Summer Sembreak Vibe, these photos were taken during my trip with my grade school friends. Thumbs up for a wonderful adeventure.

Photos taken by: Katrina Mae Acha.


Cause My Weekends are on Thursdays and Fridays

'Kay that's one long title to begin with. Well anyway, before anything else, my English is quite rusty since I took a break from the internet because I have to just a give an awful lot of time for school, but I'm getting my grip back :)

Thursday. With Grade School friends (together with Venice and Sophia)
I didn't want to come to the little soiree with them because I had only P150 cash on hand. Yes, that was all the money I had when I went on with the trip. Nonetheless, as the cliche me kicked in, I realized that memories are worth more than anything else. It would've been nice if we were complete, but we just have to have fun and enjoy the escape.

Friday. With My St. Augustine girls.
Because I wasn't so much on Facebook for the past couple of days, I didn't know they were planning this day. But they texted me and I couldn't refuse because it's been a long time since we've seen each other. These girls made my high school life. They literally are my molders aside from my other high school friends and teachers. I love them and yes, I would kick the balls of any asshole who will break their hearts (and I'd do the same for any of my friends). Okay, you know, I wouldn't do that :) But still if I'd be brave enough to do it, then I would.

SUGAR by Bren

(My apologies for a grainy photo. I'm not good a taking night photos)
Located at Sacred Heart Village in Talisay city, Sugar by Bren is a dessert shop you would always want to come back. This shop is owned by my former classmate way back in grade school, Brenant Jimenez. He studied culinary in ISCAHM CEBU (My bad. I previously written "Singapore". Sorry) and when he finished his studies, he started the business.

An interior with so much class.

And don't even get me started with how the exterior has been well thought out. Two thumbs up!!

Now let us begin with the desserts. 
Of course, we cannot order everything that is on the menu (as seen above) but I have taken photos of the ones we've ordered and I just have to say that you must have to try them.
Cake in a Jar. (Above) is the Red Velvet Cakes. If I say it's delicious, it's an understatement of how good those were. Definitely coming back for another. Price = P80. How budget friendly is that, right?
The Double Chocolate Chip frappe. Okay, for a price of 100 you surely would want to have some of these. I've been to quite a number of coffee shops and cafes and all of them ranges from 120-185 or maybe even 200.
For the same price of 100, you just have to taste their Strawberry and Cream Frappe.
And of course, the Halo Halo Cake. For a price of 80, you can buy this delectable dessert. And yes, they pair the cake with mango ice cream :)

I know these desserts make you want to eat them now. So come on to Sugar by Bren and experience the same delight as I had.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

For The Love of Giraffes

So the narcissistic me comes in and made my best bud, Pj, as my official photographer for the day. Especially when I'm out, I love taking a bunch of ootds. Like, it's always a must for me. I don't have much clothes unlike the average teenage girl, so my second wardrobe is my brother's wardrobe.
I am sucker for the idea of becoming a celebrity. Like, it's my dream. So when I saw these pictures, I went all psycho and marveled at my beauty (That's the narcissism talking again). 
Yes, that tank top is my brother's. That was what he wore during his infamous coronation night of becoming the "Adam Of The Night".

So since, I have one whole week to go before another pile of school works will be slammed to my face, I decided to make the most out of it by blogging. Yes, that's right. Well, this thought have probably sprouted from the idea that I don't want to be unproductive for the whole week. School has pretty much made me this way. My best bud, Charles, was right. I kinda miss the feeling of not doing anything.

Giraffe-printed men's tank top - Forever 21 | Black shorts - The Closet Collection | Blue shades - Something borrowed (owner: Justine Suerte) 


Finally, it's the break we've all been waiting for. SEMESTRAL BREAK. After all the mind-bending quizzes and departmental exams, and friendship-jeopardizing projects, this semester has finally come to an end and what better way to celebrate than having a pool party with my blockmates. I have set aside all my personal drama and went on with the fun. It was my kind of release and my kind of getaway (well, at least for awhile).
Pool time in Villa Teresita. Had the same venue during my summer outing with my 1st year blockmates, but what the heck, I still had fun.

Of course, a party wouldn't be complete without the world's most reknown "roasted pig" or as we all like to call it "Lechon Baboy".
We also had a chocolate fountain which didn't quite function. I was so looking forward for that one. *sobs*
And oh, how I love those blueberry cheesecakes (by Sir Ced). I want more! So sir, if you happen to read this, please do make another one for me :))
On the same day, we made a personalized pillow for our two most inspirational mentors, Sir Joey Echivarria and Sir Cedric Naranjo.
Nonstop selfies in the pool with Miss Grace Cejudo. Lovin' her bikini by the way.
Sir Ced taking a ride down the pool. He was having the time of his life!
And lastly, a group picture to end a memorable day!

Next semester, I am "mighty positive" (as sir Joey would say it) that I won't be with these guys anymore. For sure, they will be having their own blockmates for the second semester, and some are even going to be in the pilot class, but one thing is for sure, they will remain to be in my heart. I know, it sounds pretty corny and cheesy for your taste, but I don't know I had a blast. They made my 1st semester as a third year BSA student less stressful. I hope and pray that eventually, we will all become CPAs one day. Love you, guys.