Thoughts on Heneral Luna

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Movie enthusiasts have raved about the movie "Heneral Luna" - a movie based on the true events accounted during the Philippine-American war. Campaigns were made to keep this movie in cinemas because moviegoers gave good feedback about the movie. They tried to encourage people to watch it because they couldn't let a good movie be put to waste, especially a movie this good and informative. So I had to watch the movie for myself and see whether it's true.

So two of my friends and I went to the cinema. Expecting that the movie crowd was interested in the movie itself and not just to join the bandwagon, I was quite pissed off upon learning that some of them are not actually in it for the movie. Like wtf people? And some couldn't contain their emotions to themselves - giving side comments every. single. scene. Ugh.

Now back to the movie. This is my first movie review so please cut me some slack :)
I don't know much about making movies and all but I know what a good movie is. Heneral Luna was a Filipino movie every Filipino should be proud of. The movie was fantastic. The plot and screenplay was great. Although there were some casts which I don't think were appropriate for the role, but still, over-all it was definitely a must-see movie for all generations.
Movies like these are the ones which people must be interested about. It's history, people. Look, when I was a high school student, I didn't give a damn about all these stuffs because let's face it, high school was mostly just living in the moment. But as I grew older and probably more mature, my perspectives widen and I just can't help but see everything in a different light. History books tell you one thing but this movie will make you question everything you have learn.

Ha ha ha. I don't know if any of you got what I mean by all that.
Bottomline is Heneral Luna was a great movie and all of you should watch it.

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15 Things Because of Feasib

So I've been itching to share to you why I have been M.I.A (again) for the past couple of days since my Bojo River Cruise trip. I've made a list of how our feasibility studies affected me and the things that have happened since I've started to intently focus on it.

1. Ayumi Endo - the biggest regret. the biggest opportunity lapse. I had to choose my project over this once in a lifetime opportunity because obviously, I can't afford to fail in the subject.

2. About to memorize the entire Cebu Metro - So I think that's gonna be a biiiig accomplishment, right?

3. Surveying that lead to knowledge of a number of Seafood Restaurants

4. A-hole weather - Don't get me wrong. I love rain because it cozies me up and I can enjoy a nice warm coffee or chocolate when I'm inside the safety of my house. But its an utter nuisance when I'm out trying to finish/do something important. Plus an umbrella is a big hassle.

5. In reference to number 3, amazed at how I'm still not sick. Hooray for strong me!

6. Reckless tricycle drivers - I was literally on the edge of my seat when this tricycle driver swooped out of his lane and went to the other side to avoid the traffic. It's like death mocking you. Thankfully, I survived his perilous drive. Another driver on his hazardous escapade, just refueled without turning off the motor's engine. Wow. Just wow. Thanks for the ride, manongs.

7. Thicker skin - So apparently, I have talked to a lot of strangers. Hmmm... Way to go, public speaking skills.

8. Life in a different tone - The hiking and the jeepney travelling have made me reflect on many things in so many levels.

9. Anything is possible - After scouring for a possible existing prawn peeler in the country and failing to find one, we've made one. Well, not technically, but we have found some people who can make our product into actuality. I present to you, our glorious, prawn peeler!!
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10. Fun weekends I could have had - *sigh*

11. How is photography? - I haven't had much free days to get my hands on my camera and harness what little photography skills that I have. I haven't had time for photography that I wonder if they've already changed it.

12. Intrams week is Feasib Week - So hooraay!!

13.  F.R.I.E.N.D.S - the show have been my stress reliever.

14. Thought of pulling my hair out because of stress

15. This blog post

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River Cruising

Aloguinsan, Cebu is a beauty you'll surely would want to see.

Thank God for the existence of everything. The trip was, although short in time, jam-packed with memories and adventure with my family.

Here's a rundown of how the entire trip went:
Let's begin in the Farmhouse. We were  welcomed with a served of Calamansi Juice with a hint of Lemon Grass. Refreshment at its finest. This was their welcome drink which sure was a heart-warming one.

After having been refreshed, a sumptuous snack was laid before us. A Snack in Traditional Filipino Style. Camote, Steamed Bananas paired with ginamos, Pandesal, Silvaro (Not the thin ones, mind you) and Sikwate (Cebu's Hot Choco)

A few kilometers away from the Farmhouse is where one would find Bojo River.

Upon entering the river part, another welcome drink was laid right on our tables. Fresh buko juice straight from the coconut itself. The flowers were a nice touch.

We took a short walk down the Boardwalk. I don't know why they call it Boardwalk, though.
(And yes, more relationship goals for your liking. Hahahahah)

And finally, photos that I've taken while cruising down the river.
I have no words to describe how wonderful and breath-taking the view was. I've seen the pictures on the internet but nothing compared to the actual seeing of it.

I couldn't exchange this entire day for anything, and no matter how much I think about the worries ahead, I have no regrets. Absolutely none.

The entire tour costs for P650. But with everything that I've just experienced, your expense is all worth it. They had also a tour that costs P400 but that is minus all the other perks. That P400 is just the river cruise.

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White and Breezy

I know I should've started reviewing for my departmental exams on Sunday, buuuuuuuut... I'm just not in the mood to be all nerdy right now. So instead of studying, I scoured old photos that are stashed in my Google Photos, and I found photos of me during last year's Colorfest Acquaintance Party.

I didn't have much time to prepare for this event since I've been literally so busy about school. Since we only have to wear white because, as what the theme suggests, the color will just be added on the event.
So I went for a breezy white tank top and black shorts, then paired it with black high cut shoes.

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Last Week's 4 Blissful Things

People have been criticizing that I'm not staying true to my blog name. "It's called The Bianca Daily? It should've been The Bianca Weekly or The Bianca Every Other Day" they said. Well, I kind of agree. This blog should have a daily post but because of some time constraints and other priorities, I couldn't just do blogging first and then do the more important things later, so as a result, my blog is always sacrificed.
But for now, while I still got time to do this, I'm posting some personal things which I hope you'd enjoy reading.

Last Week's Blissful Things is a list inspired by Ditz Revolution's Friday's 10 Happy Things. I know I should have 10 things on the list but since, I'm still starting I just thought that I might start with a few first.

Let me begin the list:

1. Pretty selfies - Yes, I know it's pretty narcissist of me to post this as my number one. Hahahahah But I don't care. It's my blog. Anyway, selfies like these boosts my self-esteem. I've been insecure of many things so pictures like these uplifts me.

2. His pretty selfies and the fact that he was kind of a personal driver during our acquaintance party - And that's one of the many reasons why this guy is the kind of awesome :)♥

3. The epic foam party!

4. I'm kinda getting more and more interested with photoshop, so as a result, I got to design my barkada's acquaintance shirt. It's tragic to see this shirt all messed up now.

I want to do this list weekly so if you're kinda keeping posted, I hope these kind of posts would somehow suffice :)

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